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    April 06, 2020


In light of recent concerns surrounding the escalation of the COVID-19 situation, we would like to reassert our continued dedication to the communities we serve. We continue to monitor the risks of our current public health circumstances so as to protect the health of our clients and our staff.

Is DSRec still able to maintain my community’s pool and or fountain?

In short, yes! State, county, and federal governments have deemed our company as critical infrastructure services, and throughout these last few weeks we have been, and will continue to be, fully operational. In fact, now more than ever it is vital that all pool and fountain facilities are maintained properly so as not to become a public health concern for your community.

When are the pools and splash pads expected to open for the summer season? Under the current circumstances, the earliest we can expect to open is June 1st. Naturally, the situation surrounding COVID-19 is thoroughly unprecedented, so this date is subject to change based on the recommendations of public health officials. We are committed to opening all of the facilities we manage as quickly as possible.

Will DSRec be moving forward with facility renovation and repairs?

In our communication with county officials, where construction or renovation are concerned, our work has been deemed nonessential. The only projects that are sanctioned are projects already in progress— essentially, if the pool had been drained— before the stay-at-home orders were issued. Any new community improvement projects cannot be started until that order is lifted. We can still do maintenance repairs necessary to water quality and operation. For example, if a pool motor goes down, we can repair or replace it.

When the pools open, is the water safe?

Absolutely, yes. The Department of Health & Human Services in the United States, confirms that COVID-19 cannot be transmitted in swimming pools, provided they are properly chlorinated. For this reason, we are working as hard as ever to monitor the facilities in your community to align with official CDC recommendations.

After the pools open, what will the deep cleaning process look like as it pertains to restrooms and pool furniture?

While we are still determining the specific course of action we will take in this regard, we can guarantee that we will make our facilities safe for patrons. Our specific strategy moving forward in this regard is being honed by our team to ensure the safest transition into the season possible.

Overall, no matter what, our team is staying thoroughly informed of the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. We are complying with all CDC and official public health recommendations to ensure the safety of all of our clients and staff. Unfortunately, our lifeguard staffing situation is proving to be one of the more challenging aspects for us at this time. We recruit heavily from local high schools to fill our lifeguard positions, and naturally, many of our in-person recruitment activities have been halted. Additionally, the American Red Cross has instructed a full stop to lifeguard certification classes because there is no way to train while observing social distancing. These hurdles in relation to staffing will impact the aquatics industry across the board, and the result of this will present challenges in fully staffing facilities in an expedient manner.

For any other questions or concerns surrounding our COVID-19 operations, please reach out to me directly.


Elissa Butler Communications & Marketing Director

DS Recreational Services, Inc.

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