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DSRec Moves to Protect Against Hurricane Laura


    August 25, 2020

Yesterday, Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster for 23 counties—including Brazoria and Harris county—as we brace for the impact of  the now upgraded Hurricane Laura following the landfall of downgraded Tropical Depression Marco. Additionally, Galveston has issued a mandatory evacuation for all of its residents.

We’ve already begun acting to prepare all of the facilities we manage. Small objects are put away and safely stored, and if the expectations for high wind (60 mph+) arise, we will begin focusing on the larger items in all facilities. If this is the case, we will work to ensure these tasks are completed by Wednesday as Hurricane Laura is expected to make landfall in the Wednesday night and Thursday evening.

In a serious scenario—if there is a more widespread evacuation ordered—the pools could potentially be closed this weekend. As it stands, we are continuing the monitor the storm’s growth and trajectory, so we can make the best decision for your aquatic facility possible.

On a more personal note, we hope that you and all of your residents will be safe during this weather event. 
Here is a list of supplies the National Weather Service recommends having on hand in the event of a hurricane.

As always, you can count on DSRec to prepare and maintain your facility both before and after storms of this nature.