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DSRec Response to Governor Abbotts May 5th Executive Order


    May 06, 2020

UPDATED 5/06/2020

In light of Governor Abbott's recent announcement to open swimming pools at 25% capacity, we have received many inquiries as to the next steps with our services and opening dates.  At this time, while we are still discussing specifics internally, we anticipate refraining from opening any pools until we can ensure that each property is equipped with proper signage, trained lifeguard staff well-versed in new COVID-19 safety policies, and facilities that have been properly sanitized to maintain the safety of all patrons and their families.

Linked here is an official recommendation from a local law firm with guidelines as to how to proceed in accordance with federal, state, and local public health recommendations.  This document details ad in-depth response outlying the necessity for further time and examination fo the COVID-19 situation to execute the following.

  • Hire and train lifeguard staff in both routine procedures and first aid practices as well as COVID-19 health protocol.
  • Properly sanitize each facility
  • Ensure that each facility has all necessary posted signage
Transitioning back to normal operations will not happen automatically and will occur in two key phases.  Some facilities due to their features or layout will be easier to open than others.  DS Recreational Services is committed to operating facilities for our clients when permitted to do so to facilitate the safety and enjoyment of your communities.

Using available information, we have identified three main phases in our reopening plan. The third is a return to normalcy, which is unlikely during the 2020 Summer Season.
  • Phase one includes facilities that are not guarded facilities or one with a gate monitor only. These facilities will open once it has been determined it is legal to do so following safety recommendations from the CDC and Texas Public Health Officials. Gate monitors will be assigned and train as quickly as possible.
  • Phase two includes guarded facilities.  Although we continued to hire and recruit lifeguards for DS Recreational managed pools, we have been unable to teach any classes due to the current legal restrictions. March and April represent the biggest training months of the season for all lifeguard management companies.  We are committed to providing lifeguards for our customers and have reduced the cost of training well below the actual cost of offering the certification.  
If your facility does not already have signs promoting lifeguard hiring, please contact our Communications & Marketing Director to make arrangements for one to be distributed.

Please keep in mind that during both phases one and two of our plan social distancing standards should continue to be practice. Commonly touched facilities may need to be closed such as slides, diving boards, or untreated activity stations to meet acceptable community safety standards.  Chairs and tables will need to be put away or reduced to reflect the recommend capacity using COVID -19 social distancing standards.  All of these items will be difficult to manage; however, they represent best practices when asked to do so.

As always, we plan to do everything in our power to preserve the safety and satisfaction of you and our pool patrons. We will release more specific dates as soon as we have had a chance to receive official public health recommendations from the respective counties we service as well as the CDC on May 15th.

If you have any questions moving forward, please do not hesitate to reach out to Elissa Butler at