Pool Management


DS Rec provides turnkey swimming pool services customized to your needs, with a commitment to safety and seamless pool management operations.

We provide highly skilled and knowledgeable lifeguard and pool attendant staff. Your patrons will be treated with courtesy and care. We operate your pool to the highest levels of safety, because we take safety very seriously. Processes that we have developed over 30 years of service are in place, and are constantly being refined in concert with innovative ideas and new data.

cleanOur turnkey pool management service includes:

  • Staffing with Lifeguards or Pool Attendants
  • Spring Pool Opening
  • Water Quality and pool chemicals
  • Cleaning pool
  • Cleaning tiles
  • Cleaning pool deck and pool area
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Emptying trash
  • Pool Closing and guaranteed winterization

Our lifeguards use the most up-to-date scanning strategies and safety observation techniques. They receive training that is in addition to the industry-standard of American Red Cross Lifeguard certification and goes far beyond most lifeguard training programs. Our focus is on:

  • Prevention
  • Identifying a problem early and responding rapidly
  • Skilled care, if needed

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